Antelope Ax – Blue by Couristan

Style: Antelope Ax by Couristan

Color:  Blue

Edging: Serge

Sizes: 6′ x 9′,  8′ x 10′,  9′ x 12′

Weave: 80% Wool, 20% Nylon

Pile: 9-Row Axminster Cut-Pile

Country of Origin: Belgium



What is Axminster?


Axminster is a carpet constructed with a technique dating back to the late 18th Century. A process which involves each tuft of yarn being woven and locked into place by shots of backing yarn. This process creates a 3D structure stronger than your average tufted carpet, and allows for more creative designs with colors ranging from 12 to 32! The blend of wool and nylon fibers allow for a strong, naturally flame-resistant carpet.

What is Wool?

Example of Wool

Wool fibers are constructed from naturally grown sheep hair. The fibers themselves have curls that create tiny pockets of space which create a sponge-like feel with good elasticity and resiliency. In addition, Wool is also a good insulator of heat and may feel warmer than most rugs.

What is Nylon?

Example of Nylon

Nylon is considered to be a general name for the family of synthetic polymers. The fiber is built for excellent toughness, abrasion resistance, and is of ease to clean. The polymer structure also allows for great elasticity and wrinkle resistance.


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